FEH: Breaking the current arena meta with Askr Trio + Eir.

Merges? Seals? The Askr Trio don’t need them. Maybe a couple of Repositions though.

Anyway, having covered the 3 colours with the Askr trio, I needed a colourless unit to join the arena team, that is originally from Heroes. Initially wanted to use Veronica but realised she’s in tier 1. Switched to Eir instead, since she’s also a free unit for everyone too.


Scenario 1, 00:00 (Regular team)
Scenario 2, 02:37 (Regular team, map with obstacles)
Scenario 3, 06:06 (Single-colour Emblem, high tier units, enclosed area.)
Scenario 4, 10:53 (Armor Emblem, all tier 1 units, map full of defense tiles.)
Scenario 5, 20:20 (Regular team, units with annoying skills, map with multiple obstacles.)

Scenario 4 is the most difficult for the Askr Trio because of raw stats from armor units. Scenario 5’s difficulty depends on the player’s knowledge of the A.I. priority. Doesn’t matter though, Askr Trio beats all.

Horse Emblem wasn’t recorded because I couldn’t find any with this scoring. It’s still possible to battle against them with this scoring, but their skills will be further away from optimal compared to the first battle.

If I give the Askr Trio some skill fodders and slap sacred seals on them, they would be unstoppable. Wait, they already are.


My opinion on the Askr Trio’s refinements (Maybe Eir too):

Alfonse: His refinement is like the best thing that can ever happen to a physical tank. With the triangle adept, he can also become a green magic tank too. He has no problem dealing with the likes of Fallen Robin (M), Myrrh, or even Winter Fae. He’s also the perfect counter for Surtr if you had his Eff refinement too, battle 5 is a good example.

Sharena: Despite her stats being middling, her refinement is a perfect counter for blade tome users due to negating buffs. Wait.. If Alfonse is the perfect counter against Surtr, I can say that Sharena is the perfect counter against Laevateinn, as her weapon will be deemed useless without the buffs, that goes to all blade tome users too, just maybe not the green ones like Nino. We have Alfonse for the greens.

Anna: If not for my F2P status, I would have enough sacred dews by now to invest on Anna too. Many looked down on her weapon not being able to give extra stats or do extra damage, but I beg to differ. Being a living teleport device, Anna can do alot of amazing stuff, but I’ll only elaborate on it in my future videos once I have her weapon refined.

Eir: I love her base kit, that Sparkling Boost kinda powercreep Arvis’ Recover Ring and the Falchion users in terms of pseudo-healing too. That weapon though, I bet many would forget about the “enemy cannot follow-up” only remembered the “+4 to Atk/Spd” part. Survival is the key for playing arena for the rewards, just remember that.

Side note: Anna will be the most broken unit in arena with the right investment, sadly no one sees the potential of Nóatún. I will definitely make a video of her OHKO everyone if RNG bless me with the premium resources.