[FEH] Setsuna Destroys ABYSSAL Daily GHBs [Xander, Ursula, Robin, Michalis, Narcian, Navarre, Lloyd]

Setsuna destroys ALL 7 Daily GHBs… ABYSSAL MODE!

Didn’t have time to do any of these when they initially launched, but here they are now. Destroyed by Setsuna.

The skills shown on Lloyd’s map do not match what was used in the video, however that map did not require a particular skillset in the first place. The same skillset(utilized in the first map) can be used for Narcian, Navarre, Robin, Lloyd, and Michalis.
Ursula and Xander require specialized skillsets, which is why I take the time to show the units for those maps.

Outro Song: Black Rain from Tokyo Mirage Sessions


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